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To my best friends and protectors
Chauncey M. Holt, Michael Harries, Jeff Cooper, Jim Boland
My Lady, for bringing me back from the emotional dead.
--- J Bartell

The story here was first told and investigated by two Investigative Reporters:

A winner of 2 Emmy awards and 8 Golden Mike awards for investigative reporting in the United States with over 40 years of broadcast experience.

An international, multiple award-winning Investigative reporter.


J Bartell, a.k.a., the "Cowboy", is a behavioral specialist who previously maintained a highly successful and worldwide private practice with clients such as physicians, psychologists, actors, directors, athletes and law enforcement. 

During his twenty-five years in practice, the "Cowboy" has also traveled to both Europe and Africa to work with high profile individuals in government and industry, including Presidential and Royal Families.

Because of his world travels, he was recruited in the mid 1970s by Chauncey Holt, to become a simple courier by a CIA agent.  His job was to carry documents to and from the United States.  It was on his very first assignment that his whole life changed as a result of nearly being killed. 
The "Cowboy" then entered the darker side of the duties of a field agent by beginning weapons training with the two foremost experts in the field, Michael Harries and Jeff Cooper.  For over a dozen years, the "Cowboy" and his partners carried out numerous assignments throughout the world.

Within these pages are their true stories.